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=By Kristy Giacoman=
=Milestones =
==Milestone A==
'''Art Capstone''': The goal is to paint the sites exaggerating the use of bright colors instead of the usual gray palette that is seen due to weather
Five oil/pastel surrealistic paintings of the most emblematic sites in London
==Milestone B==
'''Art Capstone''': The goal is to display London from a more optimistic point of view through the paintings to later compare with pictures of the actual site portrayed and emotions displayed by people walking by or admiring the landscape.
Photos taken in the sites that illustrate the reality turned brighter in the paintings. Pictures are taken from different perspectives and represent feelings of an average citizen living daily life.
== Milestone C==
'''Writing Capstone''': The goal is to connect the emotions displayed in the pictures and the colors of the paintings in a creative way empathizing with the people walking by the site as a daily routine.
Each one of the sets of paintings and pictures will be accompanied by a short story, poem or reflection.
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