Brutalist Style

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Brutalist Style

Welbeck Street Car Park
Location: Marylebone, London


This article will talk about the Brutalist architectural style and its key characteristics.


Brutalism styled architecture came to be in the 1950s and flourished until the mid 1970s. The name derives from the French word béton brut meaning raw concrete, which is the main material. It became popular for it’s cheap and available resource after the Second World War, concrete was the second most consumed material after water.


The main material for brutalist style buildings is concrete, hence the nickname ‘concrete jungle’. Since concrete itself is not flexible, neither is the building. The concrete makes the buildings simple in function and “what-you-see-is-what-you-get directness.” (Guardian) Also the simple concrete makes the building plain, all one color and one texture. It is common for repetitive angular geometries to be made from the concrete, such as Welbeck Car Park.

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