Comparing Norman and Victorian Architecture

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Comparing Norman and Victorian Architecture and Lifestyle

by Dakota Payette

Comparing Norman and Victorian Architecture and Lifestyle
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I've always loved architecture throughout England and seeing it change through history. For this project, I want to compare the styles of two different time periods in England: the Norman and Victorian times. I want to see the evolution of the architecture through the two time periods. The time periods are drastically different in English history, and my goal for this milestone is to highlight those difference through the architecture of different buildings built during that time period. I've taken three different history classes at WPI so far, with one involving the history of the British Empire from the American Revolution to Brexit. The major takeaways from this milestone are trying to find examples of Victorian style architecture in central London. I believe that it is going to be hard to find many good examples.


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Section 1: Background on Peterborough, Ely, and Winchester Cathedrals

The Norman Invasion in England brought many changes to the region, and one of the reforms that William the Conqueror brought with was religion. Religion was already a staple in the English countryside, but William made it completely unified under Christianity. It was good for the people of the newly conquered region to have a unified religion. They could start work on huge cathedrals throughout the land and improve the houses of worship that were already on the ground. Many cathedrals started going up around the countryside near the city of London, all distinctly built during the time of William and his children's reigns.
Peterborough, Ely, and Winchester Cathedrals were all built between the 11th and 12th century using styles of Norman architecture. The history of each cathedral predates the Norman conquest, but were updated to fit the needs of the Normans. With Peterborough Cathedral, the first abbey was founded all the way back in 655, but was destroyed by a Viking invasion in 870. The abbey was left in complete ruins for about 100 years before work began in late 970. By this time, materials had improved from the first building in 655. It took many years to complete the abbey, but work was soon completed. Devastation burned through the abbey when fire broke out in 1116.
This was devastating news to Henry I, the now King of England. He ordered the abbey to be rebuilt immediately, and in 1118, work began t rebuild it. This was the latest of the three cathedrals to began work with Norman influences behind them. Ely had begun in 1083 and Winchester in 1079, both with Norman influences in their architecture. All three cathedrals share similar characteristics with being built right after the Norman Conquest of England, but they also shared quite a few differences between them.

Similarities Between the Three Cathedrals

Differences Between the Three Cathedrals

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Section 2: Deliverable

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