Elizabethan style

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Elizabethan Style

Elizabethan Theatre
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This article will talk about the Elizabethan architectural style and its key characteristics. Elizabethan theaters are public outdoor structures. The first Elizabethan theater was built by James Burbage and was named "The Theatre" [1]


Elizabethan style theaters often reflect the elements that are seen in Roman and Greek architecture. The entire area is open, even the actors face the weather. They can very in shapes having between 8 and 24 sides. They have a "pit" or "yard" with a raised stage at one end, and three tiers of galleries with balconies overlooking the back of the stage.


Elizabethan Theater Characteristics

Some features of Elizabethan Theaters include cobbles floors, as having grass floors would not be acceptable, as those are suited for animals. They often have to sport rings in addition to a fixed stage. Sometimes there are two commas that framed entrances of houses, which show the classic Greek and Roman Influence. [3]

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