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To add videos to your wiki page, you'll need 3 steps:

  1. Upload the video to WPI's streaming server
  2. Obtain the embed code for your video
  3. Make a small change to the embed code and add to your page

1) Uploading to the media server

3) Publishing
Adding Media
1) Adding Media
2) Uploading
  • Head on over to and log in. (If you go to, be sure to click on the "Login from Your Institution" link). If the login brings you to a blank page, then it is possible that this class list has not yet been added to the Ensemble server! Please ask your professor to request the addition.
  • Click the +add button to upload your video to the appropriate library
  • Fill in metadata fields (Title, description, etc) and press Continue
  • Upload your file(s) and click Continue to go to the Publish section
  • Choose any playlists, if applicable, and click Save and Publish

2) Obtaining Embed Code

Embed Option
Embed Option
Embed Code
Embed Code
  • Navigate to the Media Library where your video is stored
  • Locate the sharing options beneath the preview image thumbnail. See image for the Embed Code option
  • Copy the iframe code provided

3) Make a change to your embed code

Go ahead and past your code into the intended wiki page. Notice how the code starts with <iframe id= and ends with </iframe>. Those are iframe "tags"--a kind of markup used for web pages, but not for wikis. Make the following 2 changes:

  1. Replace <iframe id= with <htmltag tagname="iframe" id=
  2. Replace </iframe> with </htmltag>

And you're done! Contact the WPI Helpdesk for any issues.