Garrick Theatre

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Garrick Theatre

Garrick Theatre
Garrick Theatre London 2011.jpg
The Garrick Theatre
The Garrick Theatre
Artist Attributed to Andreas Praefcke
Year 2011
Location Garrick Theatre, London


The Garrick Theatre is one of the West End theaters on Theatre Row in London. It is owned by the company named Nimax Theaters. It first opened with the production named 'The Profligate' by A. W. Pinero. [1] This theatre which opened in 1889 was designed by Walter Emden and C. J. Phipps, and it was built by Messrs Peto.[1] The theater is named after the stage actor David Garrick.

Theater Space

The Garrick Theatre advertising Let it Be

The auditorium was constructed on four levels, Stalls and Pit, Dress Circle, Upper Circle, and Gallery and seats 718. According to an article on the theatre, it was quoted in the ERA to be able to seat 1,500, but when 2 Circle Boxes were removed, the seating count was 1,250. [1] The number now is 656 because today, the Gallery seating is closed. The interior decoration remains much the same as it was when the theater first opened. According to the Nimax Website, the stage measures 10 m x 10.8 m. [2]


Lighting & Projections



Provided by the company named Angels Costumes that are known for costumes for popular productions such as The Crown, Beauty and The Beast, Titanic and much more.


Romeo and Juliet


An interpretation of Romeo and Juliet was preformed in 2016 at the Garrick Theatre. It is a Shakespeare story about two star crossed lovers and their fight against their quarreling families. The directors for this production were Kenneth Branagh and Rob Ashford. Rob Ashford was also the choreographer in this production. Richard Madden and Lily James played the star roles. The performance follows the same script of the original story but with some lines cut and some added humor. The play keeps to the same Shakespearean words and sayings though.

Dramatic Elements

The set and period the play was a 1950's Verona Italy. The costumes were in the 1950's style with men wearing dark suits and the women wearing petticoats.The main scenic design looks like a roman building with white marble columns and steps.The whole play keeps this main set and uses props & lighting to change scenes. The background music throughout the play is modern. Different kinds of passion can be shown throughout this interpenetration. The passion of love, war, conflict, fear and pain. There is a theme of darkness and light that is shown through the stage, lighting and characters. Especially in the Romeo & Juliet death scene, the white light showing Juliet's white gown is contrasted with Romeo's dark black suit. The mood throughout the play is serious, energetic and passionate.


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