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How to Create Pages

Create Pages by

  • Logging in with your WPI username
  • Clicking the "Create page" link at the left menu
  • Suggestion: copy the contents of this page as a template starting point for your page
  • Choose one or more categories (shown on the main page) that you feel your project falls into and create a category tags such as [[Category:Algorithmic Composition]] or [[Category:Interactive Systems]]. You can see all of the categories from the main page.
  • Add a description and links to the content you're submitting by formatting them as [// The Thing My Link Goes To].
  • See steps below for uploading and linking to content
  • Once your page is complete, click save and review it. Go to the main page and ensure that your page shows up in the proper categories.

Complete List of Categories

Projects & Systems

[[Category:Interactive Systems]]



[[Category:Pedagogy, Theory, and Research Resources]]

[[Category:Development Toolkits]]

Compositions & Works

[[Category:Music (classical)]]

[[Category:Music (popular, contemporary, non-classical)]]

[[Category:Algorithmic, Interactive, & Electro-acoustic Compositions]]

[[Category:Sound Design]]

[[Category:Film, Video, and Related Scores]]

[[Category:Scores and Arrangements]]


[[Category:Writings, Papers, Tutorials,and Documentation]]

Course Projects

[[Category:Electronic Music Composition (3620)]]

[[Category:Foundations of Music Technology (2300)]]

Important: include an Advisor category tag depending on who you worked on the project with. For classes with Dr. Manzo, include the tag [[Category: Advisor:Manzo]]. If you worked on the project Dr. Bianchi, [[Category: Advisor:Bianchi]]; Dr. Barton, [[Category: Advisor:Barton]] and so on.

How to Upload & Link to Content

Upload Content in two ways:

Using "Upload file" feature (for files smaller than 24mb)

  • Click the Upload file link at the left and upload a file
  • Link to the files within your page using the tag:


Using WPI Storage (for files larger than 24mb) To upload large files, log in at the page below:

After adding media, grab the embed code, modify it, and add to your wiki page. I’ve put together a page in your wiki with all of the steps, here:

How to Embed Video and Audio

Embed Video and Audio

  • Upload the video or audio using the above steps
  • You may embed the video or audio in your page with the following code:

Code: <mediaplayer></mediaplayer>



Help with Video Encoding

Embed Images

  • Uploading the image using the "Upload file" link at the left
  • You may embed the image in your page with the following code:

Code: [[File:image_name.png]]

Help Connecting to Git Repository