London HUA 2018 Projects

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London HUA 2018 Projects

This page contains the final deliverables from the 2018 LHUA students advised by Profs. Esther Boucher and David Spanagel.

Capstone Reports and Scholarly ISP Final papers

Capstone Projects: For most participating students, one of the three London “courses” is their HUA capstone project, a substantial independently researched and composed project completed within the depth area of that student’s choice. This project demonstrates that the student has engaged in a meaningful way with both the standards of scholarship and with some subject matter appropriate to their chosen theme or discipline area within the Humanities and Arts. These (~20+ page long) reports represent the culminating projects that E2018 students undertook through the LHUA program.

Scholarly Humanities and Arts (HUA) ISP papers also entail deep investigation into an aspect of knowledge and/or practice of the relevant methodology of the HUA field/discipline being studied. Inquiry-based research and writing are two of the essential skills that go into successful HUA work. These (~10-12 page long) final papers represent the products of scholarly investigations that E2018 students undertook for their "non-experiential" ISP courses through the LHUA program.

Experiential Learning Portfolio

Experiential learning means learning from experience or learning by doing. Experiential education immerses learners in an experience and then encourages reflection about the experience to develop new skills, new attitudes, or new ways of thinking. This course is structured in a self-directed manner in which students first select a humanities and arts (HUA) topic, explore and experience London, then engage in self-reflection and self-evaluation of their learning. The following are students' learning portfolios; a compilation of their reflections on their experiences in London.

Architecture photography by Kayla Legatt
Photography - London's architecture by Samuel Moran
Car culture in London by Aram Soultanian
Culture by Samantha Wile
Arts of London by Samantha Grillo