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*[[Help_page!!| the Help page]]<br>
*[[Help_page!!| the Help page]]<br>
*[[HU2900 Syllabus| the HU2900 (prep) Syllabus]]
*[[HU2900 Syllabus| the HU2900 (prep) Syllabus]]
*[[Calendar| the Onsite Calendar]]

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the London HUA Project site

This site features the creative works, project outcomes, and other deliverables submitted by WPI students participating in the London Humanities and Arts Project Center. In addition to featuring these works publicly, an objective of this site is to serve as a resource for others by providing information, multimedia, documentation, and other content for future London HUA students. The site was created by V.J. Manzo, Director of the London Humanities and Arts project center from 2013 to the present.

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