Medieval style

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Medieval Style

The Jewel Tower
Location: Westminster, London


This article will talk about the Medieval architectural style and its key characteristics. Medieval architecture includes four different styles which are Romanesque, the French Style, and the Perpendicular style, which is more commonly known as Gothic architecture. [1]


During the Medieval time there were many changes in its architecture. Romanesque is what the style of architecture that was used in the very early middle ages is called. The perpendicular style, or gothic, did not come around until the end of the middle ages. [2]

Romanesque Characteristics

In romanesque style buildings you will see the material used was stone which was cut very precisely. They had influence from Roman architecture, which led to the use of arches. This is the beginning of the use of buttresses to support the designs. [3]

Gothic Architecture Characteristics

You can read about the characteristics of the Gothic style of architecture on the Gothic style page.

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