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Museum of London

Museum of London
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The Chandos Portrait of William Shakespeare
Artist Attributed to John Taylor
Year c. 1600s
Dimensions 55.2 cm × 43.8 cm ( 21 3⁄4 in ×  17 1⁄4 in)
Location National Portrait Gallery, London


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The Exhibits at the Museum of London

London Before London

This exhibit details the time period when humans first arrived in the area today known as London about 450,000 B.C. to the arrival of the Romans in 50 A.D. The exhibit describes the people living here as nomadic hunters and gatherers. It also goes into detail describing the landscape and inhabiting animals as being very different than it is today. Many glass cases house the bones of different animals that had inhabited the area. The museum also has a fair display of tools, weapons, and human remains that are from the time period. One emphasis of the exhibit details the transition from the bronze age to the stone age.

Roman London

Medieval London

War, Plague & Fire

Expanding City

The Victorian Walk

People's City

World City

The Lord Major's Coach

The London 2012 Cauldron


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