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St Martin-in-the-Feilds
Front entrance
Location Trafalgar Square, London
Picture credit: St Martin-in-the-Feilds


St Martin in the Fields is an Anglican church in Trafalgar Square, London and is considered to be a major landmark due to its impressive architecture and central location. It is an institution that has historically been known to take the needs of their people into account by creating the first free library, and religious broadcast. They are considered to be the heart of the nation. [1]


St Martin in the Feilds is also known as a place of premiere concerts, which have included musicians such as Mozart and Handel. They continue to host concerts still today and this includes a series of lunchtime concerts that can be enjoyed for free. In addition to that they have many other concerts featuring jazz, classical, and religious music.

Free Lunchtime Concerts 2017

Nikolai Ponomarev (Piano)

Nikolai Ponomarev is a young Russian pianist and student from Moscow University. He's trained in solo piano playing in Moscow & London.

Bach-Busoni – Chaconne in D minor

Liszt – Transcendental étude No 10 in F minor

Chopin – Etude No 10, Op25 in B minor

Frederic Chopin was a musical composer and piano virtuoso during the Romantic era writing. He was know for his mazurkas, waltzes, nocturne, polonaises, etudes, impromptus, scherzos, preludes and sonatas as well as being sick constantly. This etude is unique because not many of his pieces had ternary form, which means that the first section is repeated after the second section. The first part is very fast pace and the second section had repeating variations of the first part but more slower.

Rachmaninov – Prelude No 4, Op 23 in D

Rachmaninov – Prelude No 5, Op 23 in G minor

Attard-Zerafa Duo

Saint Saëns – Sonata Op 166

Paule Maurice – Tableaux de Provence

Edison Denisov – Sonata for saxophone and piano

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