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Year 3000BC or Older


Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument that is located in Wiltshire, England. It is a ring of standing stones that was probably used for ceremonial burials, and keeping the time of the seasons. It was also used as a burial ground. Archaeologists believe the site was constructed from around 3000 BC to 2000 BC. It is on the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Stonehenge is owned by the nation and managed by the English Heritage. The surrounding land is owned by the National Trust.


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The Stonehenge's age was discovered by the bones found around the sight. The bones were carbon dated which gave us an estimate of how old the sight is. The animal bones found around the sight also gave us a clue for the purpose of this sight. The meat was eaten, but the bone marrow was not indicating that this as a ritual or festival sight were humans gathered for enjoyment, eating carelessly.

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