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The Place

The Place Theater
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The Place on Dukes Road
Artist Attributed to Mike Quinn
Year 2011
Location London, UK


The Place is a dance and performance centre located on Duke's Road near Euston. It is the home of the London Contemporary Dance School. The Place stated on the site in 1969 when the Contemporary Ballet Trust took over the premises. To this day the Place is a theater where contemporary ballet is performed.


The building was designed by R.W Edis and built by Charles Kynoch and Company of Clapham as a drill hall for the the 20th Middlesex (Artists) Volunteer Rifle Corps between 1888-89. [1] The drill hall, which was known as The Artists Place, became known as simply The Place when the Contemporary Ballet Trust took over the premises in 1969.

The Place was founded by a man named Robin Howard. Howard, according to an article on The Place website, wanted to establish a "distinctively British form of contemporary dance'" that would be firmly rooted in Kings Cross that would also allow international influences.[2] The Place attracted dancers and choreographers from around the world both as students and performers. In the 1970s, the Contemporary Ballet Trust started the London Contemporary Dance School and the London Contemporary Dance Theatre (now succeed by the Richard Alston Dance Company) both were formed and are housed at The Place. From 1999 to 2008, dance studios were also built.

Today, The Place is the home of the London Contemporary Dance School where students and teachers come from around the world.[2] The school provides both undergraduate and postgraduate training, as well as a research program in contemporary dance. [2]


Robin Howard Dance Theatre seating

This theatre, which was named in 2001 as the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, seats 280 people. [3] [2] The theatre, pictured on the right, is in the style of a proscenium theatre. Main company productions as well as visiting artists perform in this theatre.


According to the The Place website, this place has 11 dance studios that are used on an every day basis.[4] The studios, according to the site, can be used for events such as classes, workshops and rehearsals.[4] The studios also have different amenities available such as mirrors, pianos, Speaker system, TV screens, ballet dance barres and table & chairs.[4]


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