The Royal Air Force Chapel

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The Royal Air Force Chapel

The Royal Air Force Chapel
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The Chandos Portrait of William Shakespeare
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After The Second World War, it was suggested by Mr N.Viner-Brady that a monument be made to the pilots who fought in the battle of Britain. This is located in Westminster Abbey in the back of the Lady Chapel.

Background or Origin of Article

The Dean of Westminster, Dean Labilliere chose to put in the memorial after being approached by Mr N.Viner-Brady. The Marshal of the Royal Air Force, Lord Trenchard, along with Lord Dowding started a committee to raise funds for the chapel. The purpose is to honor the l,497 pilots and aircrew killed the Battle. Winston Churchill once said "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few". The Chapel has a Stain Glass window, A role of honor, and an alter.

Stain Glass Window

The stain glass window fill a hole that was blown into the building during the war. I shows the sacrifice and triumph of the pilots in the battle with images of the Virgin Mary and Christ

Role of Honor

The Role of Honor includes the names of all those who died in the battle including 47 Canadians, 47 New Zealanders, 35 Poles, 24 Australians, 20 Czechoslovaks, 17 South Africans, 6 Belgians and one American, as well as those from the United Kingdom and Colonies.

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