The Tombs of Westminster Abbey

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The Tombs of Westminster Abbey

The Tombs of Westminster Abbey
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The Tombs of Westminster Abbey
Henry VII and Elizabeth of York Tombs at Westminster Abbey
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Location Westminster Abbey, London


This article is about the historical people who have tombs at Westminster Abbey. These people either contributed to society or were royalty of Britain. Refer to [1] in the list of references for a more complete list of the people buried.


Westminster Abbey was built in 960 A.D London England as a small Benedictine monastery. It was then later added on and built to be a coronation church by Edward the Confessor. The first monarch to be coronated at the Abbey was William the Conquer and all of the monarchs have been crowned there ever since. It is where many royal coronations, royal weddings and final resting places of many notable people who have contributed to England as a nation. The tombs of Westminster Abbey are one of the many reasons people come from all over the world to visit Westminster. Many graves including the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior are honored and open to visit to the public. The tombs mentioned in this article are also opened to the public and are great way to learn about the history and people of England who made it the place it is today.

The Royals

The Royals who are buried in Westminster start with Edward the Confessor. He is called the Confessor because he was a pious man and also to distinguish him from another King Edward. He was born in Oxfordshire between 1002 and 1005, the son of King Ethelred who was called King Ethelred the Unready and his wife Emma. Edward was the King who commissioned to build Westminster Abby as it stands today. His tomb is at the heart of the Abby church and it is said that he lays there since he had a direct line from God. He was the first royal buried at Westminster Abby in 1066.

Since then many royals have been buried at Westminster near Edward the Confessor. Henry III, Henry V & Catherine de Valois, Edward III & Philippa of Hainault, Edward I & Eleanor of Castile, Mary Queen of Scots, Richard II & Anne of Bohemia Henry VII & Elizabeth of York, Anne of Cleves who was the 4th wife of Kind Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

Mary Queen of Scots became queen of Scotland when she was only 6 days old. Her mother sent her to France soon after and she married Francis who later became King Francis II making Mary also the Queen of France. While in France Elizabeth I became Queen of England but people wanted to recognize Mary and the rightful Queen. She was eventualy beheaded by her sister Elizabeth.

Elizabeth I of England Tomb at Westminster Abby

Famous Contributors to Society

Some notable non royal tombs in Westminster Abbey include Geoffrey Chaucer, and William & Margaret Cavendish. Graves such as Issac Newton,Tennyson, and Charles Darwin are also found at Westminster.



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