Two Treatises of Government

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John Locke's Two Treatises of Government

by Milap Patel

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Section 1: Background

Background on John Locke

Research bibliography and his major works. May create another page for this and link it to this page.

What Is Two Treatises of Government

John Locke wrote the two treaties of government in correspondence to the glorious revolution. His intention in writing the first treaty was to

Analysis of Two Treatises of Government

Rephrase the document in a condensed way covering key points.

It's Impacts on Europe

American Revolution

Discuss how two treatises of government resulted in the revolution.

French Revolution

Discuss how two treaties of government resulted in this revolution.

Section 2: Deliverable

Undecided but thinking of analyzing how the formation of American government was impacted by this philosophy. (particularly constitution)
Do the same for French and compare American and French governments.
Do a video talk through of its impacts on government in general.



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