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Constance Clark

Constance Clark
 Constance Clark
WPI Affiliation Assoc. Professor, Humanities & Arts
Division History
London HUA Advisor 2017

"In addition to teaching the history of science and technology, I have at various times in the past raised baby birds at the Bronx Zoo and the Baltimore Aquarium, curated and inventoried mammal skeletons in attics at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, designed biology teaching labs at the University of Colorado, and collected dinosaurs and other fossils while camping in the Wyoming badlands with paleontology field crews. These experiences have shaped my research interests in the history of life sciences and evolutionary thought, the history of natural history museums and science popularization, the history of visual images in science and technology, and media representations of science and technology. I am especially interested in the context of people doing science, and communication (and miscommunication) about science."