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Sam Johnson

Upload your own image, then replace the "yourprofilepicture.jpg" above with the new image name. Replace "Student Name" in both the image line and the top-level heading above with your first and last name. Delete this whole paragraph beneath the Student Name title but not including the Table of Contents tag __TOC__.


As someone who is interested in Roman history and airplanes I wanted to research the history of aviation in England and the invasion of England by the Roman Empire. Then for my capstone in History I will use what I have learned to research the bombings of London during WWII 3) your major takeaways from the experience.

Milestone 1

History of British Aviation
Objective: Go over the evolution of the aviation in Britain and research how different aircraft were used through out history and create a short video documentary.

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Milestone 2

History of the Roman Invasion of England
Objective: Research the invasion and conquering of England by the Roman's during the height of their empire and create a short video documentary.

Below the objective statement, Insert a one or two paragraph summary of your findings from having reached this milestone. Edit the link below to link to your milestone page.
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Milestone 3

Capstone: London during WWII Bombings
Objective: Use the knowledge gained from researching the history of British aviation and the history of Britain under Roman invasion to research the Bombings of London that occurred during WWII and create a short video documentary.

Below the objective statement, Insert a one or two paragraph summary of your findings from having reached this milestone. If this milestone, for you, represents a humanities and arts capstone, please indicate so. Edit the link below to link to your milestone page.
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Activity Journal

The activity journal represents an ongoing log of reflections gained through each and every project activity on the calendar.

Leave the above sentence in place exactly as it is, delete this sentence, and add a new activity journal entry for each major trip or activity in which you participate (museum visit, cultural experience, etc.).

Activity #1 Name

Add a paragraph about this experience noting the ways in which it related to one or more of your milestone aims. Did this experience directly relate to your milestones, or was the relation more indirect? In what ways did this experience cause you to think differently about your milestone aims? What were some of your other takeaways from the experience? For each site-specific term that you enter, check to see if there is a page in this wiki that exists and link to it. For example, if your reflection mentions William Shakespeare, check to see if William Shakespeare exists on this site. If an article page does exist, 1) link to it here, and 2) edit the page with a section or just a few sentences to ensure that the content on that page relates to this activity journal entry. For example, if while writing your activity journal reflection about your trip to Westminster Abbey, you recall seeing the headstone of William Shakespeare, note it in your reflection, and then edit the William Shakespeare with, at least, a sentence or two in an appropriate section about having a memorial site in Westminster Abbey. While your at it, edit the entry for Westminster Abbey with the relevant information. Did you take some interesting pictures or videos at those sites? Add those to the relevant pages. If an article page does not exist, create the page for the missing topic (Create Page link from main menu) and add some information using this article template as a starting point. For each activity scheduled on our calendar, you should 1) create an Active Journal Entry here, and 2) create one new article of substantial quality or edit and contribute to at least three related articles. The tone of this journal entry can be personal, but still quality professional writing; the tone of article pages that you create and edit should be objective, professional, referenced writing.
Think of this process as building a platform or a case that will help you make particular claims and conclusions through your project milestones. As noted in the syllabus, these journal reflections typically require the creation and refinement of articles, which is a significant part of your grade. If you create or edit articles in a group, note that in your personal journal entry as the wiki only tracks changes for the user who actually makes the changes.

Activity #2 Name

A paragraph for your personal reflection for another activity on our calendar goes here, just it was outlined in the previous example. Repeat this same process for the remaining activities. Whenever there's an activity on the calendar, complete an activity journal reflection.

My Complete Contributions

The journal section should end with the following link to your complete contributions (new articles, edited articles, added media, etc.); delete this sentence and replace the username Vjmanzo below with your own username:

All of My Created Content and Edits