High-Tech Style

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High-Tech Style

Lloyd's Building
Location: Lime Street, London


This article will talk about the High-Tech architectural style and its key characteristics.


High- Tech style architecture is also known as structural expressionism which is a type of late modern architecture. This style first began in the 1970s and is known for its prominent technology which can be easily seen. [1]


High- Tech buildings, coming after modern buildings is mostly made out of metal and glass.[2] With this said, the steel piping and air ducts is often used on the outside of the building to create the exoskeleton visible to the pedestrians walking by. [3]This is again to show the inner workings and technology of the structure. The inside layout of the building is usually open, to allow optimal space for functioning.

These characteristics can be easily seen throughout the Lloyd and Leadenhall Buildings, here in London. The clear contrast of complex exoskeleton and simple, flexible inside design is perfectly displayed with Lloyd’s building.

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