Jacobean style

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Jacobean Style

Jacobean Style
Kensington Palace
Location: Kensington Gardens, London


This article will talk about the Jacobean architectural style and its key characteristics. The Jacobean style borrows a lot of traits from the Elizabethan style of architecture. The Jacobean period is often known as the second half of the Renaissance period of architecture. [1]


There as a lot of influence during this period of architecture which meant it was constantly evolving. The style was influenced by the, French, Flemish, German, and Italian architectural styles and well as the Elizabethan style.


Jacobean Characteristics

Some features of Jacobean style architecture is the use of flat roofs with window bays. They had long galleries with Tudor arches and gables. Traditionally eh entrance hall was built so that it was perpendicular to the entrance of the building. In Jacobean houses especially, wooden staircases were also a large feature. Another feature was the use of columns, which came from the French and Flemish styles. Many times, if the house belonged to royals, or aristocrats, they also had very large gardens that were decorated nicely. Also for Jacobean style homes, the floors were made using wood. There was a very big emphasis on making sure the floors did not look warn so they would use different flooring patters, often in dark colors. [3]

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