Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at the Globe Theater (2017)

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The Chandos Portrait of William Shakespeare
Artist Attributed to John Taylor
Year c. 1600s
Dimensions 55.2 cm × 43.8 cm ( 21 3⁄4 in ×  17 1⁄4 in)
Location National Portrait Gallery, London


Romeo and Juliet is a classic Shakespeare play that looks at the rashness of two young lovers of rival homes. It has been performed many a time with actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio starting a Romeo. In addition to the numerous of time this show has been performed, many versions have been done to give a different view on the classic show. This version that was seen at the Globe Theater painted the characters in a modern day setting with pop, rap, and hip-hop music. They also gender bent Mercutio, Romeo’s cousin. The most evident change was the use of clown makeup for all of the actors. The themes of violence, love, and death were evident and added to the theme of star-crossed lovers.

Background or Origin of Article

The Globe Theatre's summer of love productions includes Shakespeare's famous Romeo and Juliet until Sunday July 9th. This is a very modern rendition of the play stressing violence, sex, and death while incorporating current dance moves and pop songs.


Romeo and Juliet is set in Verona, Italy in the 1300's. Most of the play takes place in the streets and inside the Capulet home. Almost all of Juliet's scenes take place in her home to symbolize how sheltered she is. Romeo must invade the Capulet household to meet Juliet, and the only other place they could meet was in Friar Laurence's church. The streets in Romeo and Juliet are rather violent and are the site of Mercutio's and Tybalt's deaths.


Kirsty Bushell - Juliet
Edward Hogg - Romeo
Ricky Champ - Tybalt
Tim Chipping - Paris
Blythe Duff - Nurse
Martina Laird - Lady Capulet
Jonathan Livingstone - Benvolio
Sian Martin - Lady Montague
Harish Patel - Friar Lawrence
Golda Rosheuvel - Mercutio
Gareth Snook - Capulet
Keith Gilmore - Prince / Dancer
Jac Adu-Sarkodie - Dancer <br Siobhan Athwal - Dancer

The Theatre

Romeo and Juliet took place at the Globe which was first built in 1597 in the Elizabethan style of architecture. In the globe there is a pit in which standing tickets are available for purchase. If you get there early you have the chance to stand right up against the stage, and they say the pit has the best view in the theatre. The pit area is not covered however, so you will face the elements. There is also balcony seating that surrounds the stage, but there can be obstructed views. The globe is seated right on the River Thames near the Borough Market in Southwark.

The Globe theater that people attend today however is not the original Globe Theatre. The theater built in 1597 was destroyed by fire in 1613 and was rebuilt in 1614 but then later demolished in in 1644. The modern Globe Theatre is an academic reconstruction of the first globe and the one built in 1614 based on evidence of what the first two looked like. Due to safety requirements today's Globe only accommodates 1400 spectators while the original Globe held 3000 people. The theatre today offers tours and an exhibit on the life and works of Shakespeare.


The general response from the critics was quite negative. Reviews called it "a failed Red Nose Day sketch" (Telegraph) and claimed it "vandalizes Shakespeare" (The Guardian). More on the critics reviews can be read here.

Personal Reviews

I found the performance to be amusing and entertaining, but not likely to be appealing to most people. The show was quite wild with all of the clown make up and dubstep music. The performance could be funny and had certain wow factors. The explosive dance scenes, particularly in the opening of the show, were good for entertainment purposes but not necessarily enjoyment of the show itself. In general I have found that The Globe fails to capture and convey the meaning of the lines. While I enjoyed the casting and portrayal of Romeo, Juliet failed to deliver. Romeo was brooding and in love. Juliet however seemed much too old for her age. The youthful energy seemed forced and out of place. While the show was decent, it is not one I'll be recommending. - Justine Roy


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