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May 9, 2017

British Museum

​ After a nice 30 minute walk we got to the British Museum in the morning. I went in and I was impressed by the architecture. From outside it looks like an old building however it is has a really modern roof in the main area. As you get In you observe a giant room with a high irregular ceiling. The ceiling appears like a giant fluorescent light bulb. The marble stairs took us to all the exhibitions. From the times Egypt to America. The museum is I learned a lot about Greek too, it is amazing how much we can understand just by the sculptures in this museum. After we finished watching most of the museum. My group Emily, Olivia, Peter, Cole and Nathalie sat a little to discuss an article we were going to create for this museum. Inspired by the jewels I saw yesterday I decided to do a section on Royal Jewelry though Time section in our article. I had lunch in Russel Square and decided to go to Serpentine Gallery after to work on my milestone. In my way to the gallery I walked across Hyde Park. I found Hyde Park to be splendid! It is huge in comparison to the park I had lunch. I admire all the Londoners walking their dog, ridding their bikes or simply enjoying family time. Before arriving to my destination I came across many monuments including Albert's Memorial. I went into both Serpentine galleries and admired the works of famous modern artists. A particular artist triggered my creativity. She reminded me that "arte es útil" that can translate to arte has a purpose. I made the outline of my first milestone based on her ideas and my creativity.